Mixed life insurance is a form of personal insurance. 

The insurers are:

  • Russian citizens
  • stateless persons;
  • foreign citizens if he is a permanent resident of the territory of Russia.

The policyholder at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract must be of legal age and have an identity document.

Insured events

  1. Survival of the insured (insured) before the expiration of the insurance contract. The insurance payment is made if the insured survives to the last day of the contract of mixed life insurance and provided that the policyholder has paid the full insurance premium. 
    The day the insurance amount is paid will be considered the day following the day the insurance contract expires. The insurance amount will be available within 3 years from the date of completion of the insurance contract. The insurance payment will be made even if during the term of the contract you received payments for an accident within the framework of this contract. Such opportunities are included in the tariffs and are specified in the insurance rules. 
  2. Health loss due to an accident. In the event that an accident occurs during the term of the insurance contract with the insured person and as a result of it a health disorder occurs, the insurance amount will be paid in full or in part corresponding to the percentage of health loss. The procedure for the payment of the insured amount is carried out similarly to the procedure for accident insurance.
  3. The death of the insured.  This insured event provides for the payment of the insured amount in the event of the death of the insured, to the Recipient specified in the insurance contract. The insurance payment is made for all cases of death of the insured, with the exception of cases specified in the contract.

Mixed Life Insurance Contract

A mixed insurance agreement is concluded only with individuals.

When concluding an insurance contract, three factors are crucial:

  • the age of the insured (insured);
  • state of health;
  • The citizenship of the insured.

A mixed life insurance contract is usually concluded without a medical examination of the insured. In this regard, the contract may indicate that the insurer is not liable and does not make insurance payments in case of death of the insured from illness or intentionally causing harm to health or death in the first months of the validity of the insurance contract.

For example, the rules of some insurance companies indicate that they do not pay insurance amounts in the first 6 months if the insured died from a malignant tumor. Also, the rules of insurance may also prescribe restrictions related to the intentional infliction of harm to health, as well as in the case of intentional settling of accounts with life (suicide).

But it can be time restrictions and they range from several months to a year, but otherwise the insurance amount is paid in all insurance cases.

The terms for which the insurance contract can be concluded are limited only by the insurance conditions that the insurance companies offer and can last from 1 year until the insured reaches a certain age or the event specified in the contract occurs.

The terms and procedure for paying the insurance premium is determined by the terms of the contract. The insurance premium can be paid, both at a time and in parts (insurance premiums).

A mixed life insurance contract comes into force from the moment the insurance premium is paid or the first insurance premium is paid.

If the policyholder fails to pay the next insurance premium, the insurance contract expires. But it is worth noting one feature, the insurance contract does not expire not the next day after the day of delay, but after a period of time specified in the contract in a month or three. This time period is set in order to enable the policyholder to keep the contract in effect and if there are material difficulties, find money and pay the next installment. If the policyholder falls within this period, the contract remains valid and is valid until the parties fulfill their obligations.

If for some reason the policyholder is unable to pay insurance premiums calculated from the insurance amount declared upon conclusion of the contract, he has the right to apply to the insurer for a reduction in the insurance amount.

After the recalculation is carried out, the redemption amount is calculated from the difference between the new insurance amount and the previously established amount, which is either given to the policyholder in his hands or credited to future insurance premiums.

If desired, the policyholder can increase the insurance amount by entering into new insurance contracts. The number of contracts that can be concluded is not limited by any framework, since in personal insurance the insurance amount is unlimited by nothing.

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