Russian insurers are rubbing their hands pretty much – over the past year, selling life insurance is breaking all records. Policies for a record amount of 1,300 million rubles were sold !!!

Sales of life insurance policies increased by more than two times, and accident and illness insurance increased by 12%.

Due to what it was possible to increase the level of sales of such policies? What pitfalls await those who decide to receive payments?

As insurance companies explain, this is due to the introduction of new products, such as, for example, investment life insurance, life insurance with protection against diseases with treatment, plus an overall increase in the financial literacy of the population.

But how are things really going? According to statistics, almost every second policy last year was purchased at the bank when applying for a loan .

Lawyers explain that the law obliges insurers of the borrower only collateral property (an apartment, a car, etc.). The purchase of additional policies (life insurance, against loss of work, from accidents) is purely voluntary.

But this is in theory, in practice – it is quite difficult to obtain any loan, not only mortgage, but also ordinary (consumer) without life insurance in our country recently.

No one will force the bank to issue loans, this bank dictates the terms. Banks work closely with insurance companies, either receiving additional remuneration, or simply insuring their risks.

Maybe for a borrower buying a policy is not bad. In life, there are different situations, to protect yourself, say from job loss or a serious illness, would not be out of place.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of policies are designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to get money on them !!

For example, job loss insurance may contain an inscription in small print that payments are only due to those who have been reduced, and accident insurance may not include sports, even a light morning run.

By the way, last year, according to statistics, the number of failures of insurance companies in payments increased by 12%.

And those who still managed to get money from the insurers, received sheer crumbs.

The average payment amounted to 17,900 rubles.

Such an amount to close even a small consumer loan is not enough, let alone a mortgage.

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