Wedding insurance abroad, the ability to insure in Russia, a policy as a gift to children, USSR wedding certificates to whom compensation is due

A wedding is a romantic and unforgettable event, but also a lot of trouble associated with preparing the holiday, choosing dresses, inviting guests and other organizational aspects.

At the same time, not all couples in love think about a marriage contract or wedding insurance. The idea to insure the wedding ceremony itself came to us from the West.

In the article we will consider the experience of foreign insurers and the availability of this product in our country.

Wedding insurance abroad

Wedding insurance

In many European countries and the USA this service is incredibly popular.

Coverage is provided for two types of risks:

  1. from losses
  2. from rescheduling or canceling a wedding.

Insured events can be very different.

For example, for a wedding insurance policy, you can get a refund if:

  • wedding dresses were ruined
  • wedding rings were lost
  • the bride or groom got sick
  • bad weather ruined the plans for the celebration of the wedding,
  • one of the persons responsible for holding the ceremony did not appear (host, photographer, driver).

Wedding insurance payments can also be received by parents who paid for the banquet in advance if the couple decided to leave before the wedding. This type of insurance is very common abroad.

The price of the policy is low. You will have to pay for it approximately as much as for one guest invited to the holiday. But the insurer will compensate all the losses that the spouses or their parents may suffer.

Offers of the Russian market

Recently, many Russians have been trying to adopt foreign traditions and use them when organizing their own weddings. Therefore, in Russia there are already companies that offer insurance services to couples who enter into legal marriage.

Many insurers recommend that newlyweds think about life / health insurance, but there are options similar to foreign experience.

The wedding insurance policy, which can be bought at a Russian company, provides insurance coverage for the following cases :

  • spoilage of a suit of the groom, dress of the bride;
  • injuries;
  • damage to property;
  • cancellation of the ceremony or its transfer to another time / date;
  • natural disasters;
  • escape of the bride (so far only one Russian company covers this risk).

Wedding rings are offered to be insured separately, as expensive jewelry.

Currently, few insurers offer wedding insurance. But even if you want to insure life or property, it is important to choose a reliable and trusted company.

Compensation is paid to persons who have obtained wedding insurance only if there are documents confirming the amount of funds spent. Usually reimbursed at least 80% of all costs.

Wedding Gift

Farsighted parents can prepare a surprise for their children for the wedding, having accumulated a certain amount of money on it. Wedding insurance is a good opportunity to take care of the celebration in advance.

By paying small contributions under an insurance contract, after a certain period of time, parents will be able to accumulate a decent amount by the age of majority of their child.

Payment under the contract of insurance for marriage is made either after the wedding of the person specified in the contract, or as soon as he turns 21 years old.

The advantage of this insurance product is that the insured will receive his money, even if the policyholder died before the expiration of the policy and payments ceased to be received (provided that the contributions were paid at least six months after insurance).

Marriage insurance also provides for accident compensation.

Age restrictions are as follows:

  • insured persons may be children aged 0-15 years,
  • insurers are their relatives aged 18-72 years (it is impossible to conclude contracts with disabled people of group I).

The price of the policy depends on the insurance period and the total amount, as well as the age of the insured.

USSR insurance certificates

USSR insurance certificates

Since 1977, Soviet citizens have been offered such an opportunity as the accumulation of funds for the wedding of a child. USSR wedding insurance provided for the execution of a contract and certificate with an insurance amount of 1000 rubles. Before inflation in 1992, this was a large amount, and it was enough to organize and conduct a wedding.

In 2003, Rosgosstrakh began to pay compensation for previously concluded contracts, including insurance for marriage. Currently, the policyholder, the insured person or their heirs have the right to receive reimbursement according to the wedding certificate.

How to get compensation

According to Soviet certificates, the refund period has not yet expired. If you are interested in wedding insurance, how to get a refund and what needs to be done, use our recommendations.

Ask your parents or other close relatives for a certificate issued to you. Remember that the right to receive money has only one who has not yet turned 28 years old. If you belong to this age category and you have a certificate, contact any department of Rosgosstrakh.

Prepare the necessary documents:

  • passport,
  • Marriage certificate,
  • insurance certificate
  • receipts of payment of contributions, if any,
  • statement (they will give the form at Rosgosstrakh).

If you cannot come to the office in person, take photocopies of the documents listed and send them to the regional center for compensation payments.

If your wedding insurance was paid in full at one time, then the payment will be 1140 rubles.

Draw conclusions

So, we talked about how to get wedding insurance, how to get a policy and compensation. Recall that such a policy can become a serious support to a young family at the very beginning of a life together and a guarantee of preserving the funds invested in the upcoming celebration.

You can take care of the wedding of the child in advance by arranging marriage insurance in his name. You can protect yourself from the risk of unexpected expenses in case of a failed wedding, loss of rings, damage to clothes or property.

If you are interested in wedding insurance, look for a reliable insurer and enter into a family life with guaranteed support from him.

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